Beer, Wine, and Spirits Delivery is Here

Delivery of foods and other grocery goods has been the craze of the last decade.   Companies like Seamless and Grubhub have created billion dollar markets in food delivery.  And if your restaurant doesn’t do delivery?  Use PostMates and one of their reps will order and deliver it for you.  Delivery has become a norm, a new aspect of the modern era.  We’ve become accustomed to the convenience of delivery services, which undeniably make our lives easier.  What has been the latest phase of change to this business?  Same-day deliveries.

Companies like Amazon with Prime Now and other instant delivery services are changing the game, offering same-day service to get us our goods even faster then ever.  But what about alcohol?  Alcohol has long been behind in the e-commerce industry, due to regulations and other complications.  Now, there are companies introducing same day alcohol delivery.

Drizly is a company that offers same day alcohol delivery.   Immediately, I thought of how useful this could be at a party, or even in restaurant scenarios.  Run low on something during an important moment?  Open up the app, type in your liquor or drink, and they’ll get it to you in under an hour.  Forget alcohol runs, worrying about Uber, or whether someone is sober enough to drive.  Pretty awesome.  Thanks, technology!


How it works: Drizly works with local retailers, loading inventory and product information to their app.  When you order from Drizly, they coordinate with your local liquor stores in getting you what you want.  I think what’s great about their model is the service that it provides for not only customers, but for store owners.   This isn’t an Amazon type business model where your money simply goes off to a corporation.  Minus the share Drizly takes, the money you spend goes to your local store, and stays in the community.  It’s beautiful to see synergy between technology and mom-and-pop businesses!

Visit Drizly: Drizly

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