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Caymus 2012 40th Anniversary – Wine Review

The Caymus 40th anniversary Cabernet Sauvignon is a celebration of four decades of winemaking; Caymus Vineyards, great wine, and tradition.  This dark cab is in incredibly versatile, a fitting wine for almost any occasion.  Drink it by it by the fireplace, on a cool spring day, or paired with a steak.

Caymus is a small, family owned winery from the Rutherford region of Napa Valley. They began in the commercial wine business in 1971, producing their first in 1972.  They would then produce their first of the “Caymus Special Selection”, a renowned wine that has been since produced in better seasonal years.

Appreciate the finest grapes of Napa Valley with a Caymus wine.   Caymus plants their vines at a very high density.  This may seem to be a mistake, however Caymus does this specifically to achieve competition between the vines.  This causes small berries to be grown, which are much richer and produce darker, better wine.  This method also allows each berry to receive near equal sunlight and at a more complete ripeness.  Below is a picture that shows Caymus grapes vs mas produced grapes.

Caymus Grapes vs Mass Produced Grapes
Caymus (left) vs Mass Produced Grape (right)

At first glance, the grapes on the right might look more healthy.  However ,it’s the grapes grown at Caymus Vineyards, on the left, that will produce a much better wine.  The low density clusters of grapes will produce a much richer, darker wine.  It’s a beautiful thing!

A great bottle to hold onto for a few years, and certainly a must have for Caymus enthusiasts.

Like a Napa Valley Cab, the Caymus 40 Year has the powerful experience of rich, extracted fruit.  Can be explosively sweet to some, which can be decanted further for a more mellow taste.

Wonderful flavors of fruit, currant, spice and smoke.  Medium level tannins.  It’s an exceptional wine that properly celebrates an exceptional four decades of wine making.

Nose: Cherry, Berries, Wood Smoke, Oak, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla

Palate: Silky texture, Big Body, Tastes of Black Cherry

If you’re unable to get your hands on the 2012 Anniversary, have a look at our article for the 2014 Caymus Cab.

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