Glenmorangie ‘The Original’ 10 Year Scotch Whisky

Glenmorangie is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland.  Since 1983, they’ve been the best selling single malt in Scotland.

Glenmorangie, Gaelic for ‘Valley of Tranquility’, traces its roots to the Scottish Highlands.   The Glenmorangie distillery has existed in the royal burgh of Tain for over three hundred years.  And it all begins with the backbone of Glenmorangie: ‘The Original’.

Glenmorangie “The Original” Aged 10 Years in Bourbon Casks

The Glenmorangie Process

The Sixteen Main of Tain is the name given to the group that manages the distillery and production of Glenmorangie.  According to Glenmorangie, this tradition has been upheld since its creation and as time has passed, new distillers have joined active roles as the “Sixteen Men of Tain”.’

The Glenmorangie 10 is matured in bourbon oak casts for 10 years.  The wood selection of Glenmorangie is a complex process that has taken nearly two centuries to develop: Casks are made from slow-growth, air-treated wood from hand-selected oak trees.

Each bottle of Glenmorangie’s whisky is matured in traditional earth floored warehouses.  For the ‘The Original’, it takes 10 years of maturation to reach the precise balance of honeyed sweetness, citrus, and hallmarked complexity.

A Review of the Glenmorangie 10 Year: The Original

‘The Original’ smells of citrus, a sharp, cooling mint, sweet fruit.   10 Year malt is suitable and compatible—it’s not too intense, maintaining an excellent balance between pairability and complexity.

Nose & Aroma: The Glenmorangie has a strong scent of citrus and sweet ripened fruit.  There are notes of spice and vanilla.

Palate & Taste: The Original has a exceptional taste of vanilla, sweet almond, and malt.   tastes of vanilla, almond, followed by fruitiness.

Finish: Glenmorangie has a long, clean finish of citrus and ripened fruit.

Interesting Facts about The Original by Glenmorangie

The honey and vanilla notes of Glenmorangie are signature to its home in the Scottish Highlands.

Highland whiskies are well known for their single malted whiskies with dominant flavors of honey, vanilla, leather, and caramel.  ‘The Original’ is a signature Highland whisky; it has a medium body, it’s flavorful, and hits the notes you’d expect of the Highlands.  Glenmorangie is specifically located in the royal burgh of Tain, an ancient land, well known for its portrayal in films such as Braveheart, and Highlander.  Glenmorangie’s location in Scotland is below:

Glenmorangie ‘The Original’ is Scotland’s #1 selling whisky for over 35 years.

The Glenmorangie Original has been the overall best-selling single malt whisky in Scotland since 1983; a title that it won most years.  Other excellent distilleries such as Glenfiddich and Glenlivet have won the title in years Glenmorangie did not, although those were few and far apart.  It is no small feat to be the favorite whisky in Scotland, a country which has an appreciation and understanding for whisky like no other.

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