talisker 10 year scotch

Talisker 10 – Scotch Whiskey Review

There is much to say about the wonderful Talisker 10 Year Scotch.  Native to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, Talisker’s distillery is a worldwide favorite.  Known for a balanced complexity of sweetness, smokiness, and peatiness.  The Talisker 10 progresses from spice and sweet, to a strong smoke and medium peat finish.  The defining characteristic of this scotch is the smoke and pepper.  The Talisker 10 scotch is on the medium side of peat and will be enjoyed by those who enjoy peat.  Also accompanies sweet and bitter taste of apples, however it is all interwoven with complex pepper flavors.

Talisker has an identity that is unique, seperating itself from the Laphroaig or Lagavulin, heavy peated malts.   As Talisker is the only scotch distillery known to the Isle of Skye, it carries a unique taste, making a scotch that must be tried by all enthusiasts.

The Talisker 10 was housed in its ex-bourbon cask for 10 years before reaching your glass.

In Popular Culture

The famous poet Robert Louis Stephenson declared that the Talisker was among his favorites in the poem “The Scotsman Returns from Abroad”

In the James Bond movies, 007 can be found drinking Talisker on several occasions.

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